Crecemos-DIJO, is a charitable organization with more than 20 years of work in the field of education. One of its branch sites is in Union Hidalgo in the Istmo region of Oaxaca, where an educational center that offers homework help, computer lessons, nutritional education and the soccer school Aerogubinos opened 4 years ago.

See pictures below: Due to the September 7 earthquake, our 120 children and their families have been adversely affected, and the educational center distroyed; children are becoming sick due to the unsanitary present living conditions and their houses are in urgent need to be demolished or rebuilt. Given the dangerous condition of the roads and the number of buildings that crumbled to the ground or need to be demolished, children are unable to attend their regular school or have a safe place to sleep or water to drink. There are scarce supplies and food available but families have no means to pay for them. Our partner organization in the USA is the Association of Volunteers for International Service (AVSI-USA) and they will be collecting tax-deductible online donations to help Crecemos offer support, food and comfort to these children and their families. Please spread the word about the work of Crecemos-DIJO with your friends and acquaintances and follow Crecemos and AVSI-USA in Facebook for updates.

We are very grateful for any help you can provide! From the USA donations are being received at: In Mexico through deposits to Crecemos Banamex Account: Account name: Desarrollo Integral de la Juventud Oaxaquena Banamex Account 8048376, Sucursal 549 CLABE: 002610054980483767

And stay tuned for more news, the work of Crecemos has been featured in the award-winning documentary, The Awakened Heart to be screened at the Oaxaca Film Fest at Teatro Juárez on October 6. Crecemos | ESCUELA SOCIO DEPORTIVA AEROGUBIÑOS